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IN VITRO Multiplication

Micropropagation by tissue culture has revolutionized the cultivation of ornamental plants, giving serious advantages compared with classical multiplication methods:

  • faster and larger yields, 
  • production capability all year round,
  • multiplication of clones while retaining the desired characteristics ,
  • homogeneous and disease free plants.

Before achieving a quality production, the labs and the young plant's growers have to meet the following challenges facing them: 

  • explant's asepcy and aseptic environment: fungi, bacteria contaminate the culture and kill young plants,
  • choice of the culture media, different for every variety at  each stage,
  • vitrification,
  • culture conditions,
  • production planning,       
  • aclimatization,


VITROPLANT CONSULT  provides  knowledge, expertise and management support in the field of in vitro culture and the aclimatization of young plants.

As a graduate engineer in agronomy at the University of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I've been active in the field of advanced plant tissue culture since 1980, particularly in Belgium over 20 years as a laboratory Technical Director. In 2010 I created my own Consultancy Company.

Today my main partners are based in EUROPE, in ASIA (VIET NAM)  and in north AMERICA.